bAbii n0 mAtTa wAt


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name:::: Leigh _*_ bday::::dec. 21 _*_ sex::::gurlie _*_
stats:::: taken =) 03.15.06<3_*_loca:::: cape coral fl _*_ original::::lyndhurst, nj 2o1
school::::cchs s0phy =) 08_*_

will always l♥ve .abercrombie. diet coke w/ lime. hollister.american eagle.
d.e.m.o.aeropostale.wet seal.best friends.lime green.burberry.
james patterson.g-unit.kci&jojo.ryan cabrera.bobby valentino.babyface.
ciara.eminem.newfoundglory.lip gloss.takin pictures.
will smith.vin diesel.ludacris.usher.john gotti agnello.strait hair.
laguna beach.german shepards.hugs=].scrunched hair.slow jamz. r&b.

will never l♥ve liars. drama. bitches. cockroaches.
freezing cold temps. close minded people.mushrooms.
not calling when you said you would. brussel sprouts.
little yippy dogs.ppl who take shit out on you that isnt your fault.
overplayed songs.bad hair days =[.missing people i love.
when best friends have to move.

John Gotti Agnello Is Hot Italian Love

Gurls fO LyF hAtE oN iiT <3

ii love my stiimpy <333